【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Rich Moisturization・Firmness・Elasticity Set|Dr.Eri International Co., Ltd.

【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Rich Moisturization・Firmness・Elasticity Set

【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Rich Moisturization・Firmness・Elasticity Set

Price: 21,780 JPY + tax

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The more you use, the more transparent and moisturized your skin will be.

"Moisturization" will enhance the immunity of the skin, strengthen the barrier, and solve various skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles, dullness and acne.
By using it as a set, various beauty ingredients will work on the skin efficiently, and the more you use, the more transparent and moisturized the skin becomes.

Can be used by all skin types such as dry, inner dry, and sensitive skin.

A series that is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and alcohol (ethanol) -free, and can be used on any skin type.
30% OFF only on our WEBSITE! In addition, we will present you a white mask with an abundance of beauty ingredients ♪

Content of the set

<Makeup Remover / Cleanser>
Makeup remover and facials 2in1. Cleansing that does not require double face washing.
E-Special Cleansing Gel V [120mL]

Moisturizing deep into the stratum corneum with fine molecules.
E-Special Moisture Lotion V [150mL]

<Beauty Serum / Milk Lotion>
Excellent skin compatibility and moisturization.
E-Special Moisture Gel V [100mL]

Making your skin smooth and lustrous.
E-Special Active Cream V [30g]

★ Present! ★ <Beauty Mask>
For smooth skin with a sense of transparency and firmness.
E-Special Beauty White Mask [20mL / 1sheet]

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