【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Best Cosmetics Award Set|Dr.Eri International Co., Ltd.

【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Best Cosmetics Award Set

【WEBSITE Limited!】E-Special Best Cosmetics Award Set

Price: 21,780 JPY + tax

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Received the Cosmetics Award in numerous media!

You can purchase the E-special excellent skin care set, which is highly favored by cosmetic lovers, at a great price.

Content of the set

<Makeup Remover / Cleanser>
Makeup remover and facials 2in1. Cleansing that does not require double face washing.
E-Special Cleansing Gel V [120mL]

Making your skin smooth and lustrous.
E-Special Active Cream V [30g]

<Keratin Care Serum>
A keratin care serum that can be used daily, with deep focus on moisturizing.
E-Special Skin Clear Serum <Mild Doctor Peel> [20mL]

<Essence For Eyes>
Elevating your eye make up onto another level by removing fine wrinkles around the eyes.
E-Special Eye Stretch Serum <Doctor Eye Stretch Serum> [18mL]

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